Website Design

Once you have your branding in place, the next step is to debut it to the world with its very own customized website. A website should embody your brand while also showcasing your brand or business's best features and services. With the right website, your brand will increase its online presence and in return give you the best ROI (Return on Investment). 

Websites by Mave

Connected HSV

A new business in Huntsville was ready to create a website where they could share upcoming events, have a contact form for bookings, and share their past work at pop up events. The owner wanted the design to be playful and feminine while also streamlined and easy to use.

This website is currently being managed by Mave. 

Clean Bright Cleaning, LLC.

Women owned cleaning company needed a website to simplify their booking process while also showcasing their work in various homes and different projects. 

This website is currently being managed by Mave.

Empowered Thru Beauty

Local Farmasi consultant and makeup artist wanted to rebrand herself and create a website that shared her journey while also staying connected with clients. Having a website where all of her services, past work, and shopping link could be to make it easier for clients.

This website is currently being managed by Mave.

Elizabeth Polland Art

For this Alabama artist, she wanted a website that not only showcased her previous work, but also allowed her to sell her items more efficiently. Her color and the clean look was a huge factor in the design along with making sure every photo of her art was showcased perfectly. 

This website is currently being managed by Mave.

Luxe Transactions

 This business had a website previously but chose to go with a whole new look while still keeping the same homey, but luxe feel. We also incorporated forms within their website to make things simpler on the business side.

BHils Beauty

Local makeup artist located in North Alabama. Color and aesthetic were a huge factor in creating this website with the main focus being on her array of previous work. 

This website is currently being managed by Mave.


-Website Strategy Session
-Squarespace Custom Designed Website
-Mobile Friendly Design
-Contact Form Setup
-Social Media Integration
-Basic SEO

pricing starts at $700 for Basic Website and $900 for Commerce Website

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Additional Website Services

- E-mail setup with new domain name; includes custom signature graphic
-Scheduling setup 
-Additional Pages
-Website training 
-Website management by Mave

Social Media Management

Curating content, posting to your preferred platform, and engaging with customers and clients. Posts will be scheduled accordingly along with our goals in mind. The prices below include the same post shared to both Facebook and Instagram.

Packages start at $360 a month.

Logos & Graphics

Singles starting at $175
Logo Suite starting at $300

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Creating professional newsletters on your schedule (either weekly, bi- weekly, or monthly) and sending them out to your contacts using Constant Contact (Their fee starts at $20 a month). I am able to add links, edited videos, and more to help you stand out!

Also includes youtube upload as well. Individual newsletter: $75 each Monthly Bundle (4 monthly) $250 (saving $50) Rollover Newsletters - 8 monthly newsletters that can be rolled over into other months. $330

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Marketing Materials

Business cards, postcards, flyers, printables, and more are available for design!

Additional Services

CRM Upkeep

Keeping up with your clients using LionDesk or another platform of your choice. Including, assigning tasks to help you stay on track. 

Starting at $150 weekly.

YouTube Video

Basic services include:
-Uploading to the platform.
-Basic video editing.

Social Media Graphics

Graphics can be made for a discount cost and can be used by you at your discretion. 


Virtual or in-person coaching is available for various things including how to manage your social media, canva design, website management, strategy sessions, and more.

Starting at $75 an hour.