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About Mave

Mave is a sister company to Wildflower Real Estate Services; a women-owned business located in middle Tennessee while Mave Marketing is based in North Alabama. Mave’s specialty is working with realtors and small businesses to expand their brand and create an impact inside and outside of their community. 

As someone who specializes in Real Estate Marketing, choosing someone to help share your business and your personality to your clients is important. That is where I come in. I firmly believe in sharing about more than just real estate market trends and interest rates. With 1.3 million+ realtors in this country, it is important to set yourself apart from others. Not by numbers and gimmicks but by who you are as a person; your talents and strengths. By using social media and personal e-mails, you are connecting to your clients in the best way possible. This also applies to any other business. I work hard to learn your business and your brand in order to amplify it in the best way across your platforms to meet your business goals.

About Courtney Joy

Courtney Joy Willoughby was born and raised in Northern California until she fell in love with a soldier in the Army. They married and moved to Fairbanks, Alaska where he was stationed and they welcomed their first child, Liam. After 3 years in Alaska, they moved to Clarksville, Tennessee and welcomed their second child, Evelyn. After a short two years in Clarksville, they were relocated to Birmingham, Alabama for another two years until her husband was medically retired. They then decided to make Huntsville their permanent home as of 2020. 

Courtney Joy first fell in love with social media marketing after she had Evelyn in 2018 and needed to stay busy at home. She spent a year building a small business sewing handmade kids clothing which, thanks to the help of social media, exploded in less than a year. Dealing with two toddlers she shut her shop down and focused on connecting with others through social media.

In January of 2021, Courtney Bullard, a longtime friend and former real estate co-worker, reached out to Courtney Joy to help with her business: Wildflower Real Estate Services (formerly Wildflower Transactions). That is when her two passions came together: 

Real Estate & Marketing.

Within a few months, Mave Marketing was born. And now, Courtney Joy has evolved Mave Marketing to include not just Real Estate Professionals, but small businesses as well. 


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